Entering its second mandate, the Maritime Cluster is defined by: a strong tradition, a weak market, and innovative ideas. Tradition is already here so we will be happy to support your good ideas and help you turn to quality markets.

The first two years of cluster work have dealt with the strategies development, which is in some way our obligation, and these strategies were needed to open the way to financing all of your ideas. The foundations are set up, and now is time for you to join us and we will support your ideas all through to a list of national interest projects as we have already set the first ones.

We have established cooperation with two European clusters, Italian DITENAVE and French PoleMER. Apart from the direct business and scientific cooperation that can be achieved among members of these clusters, there are great opportunities for joint participation in various funds, which is very interesting for us all.

New visual cluster identity have been defined. Our new name is MarC (maritime cluster) and soon you will be able to find much more information on the new cluster pages

In this second mandate, we will start with thematic meetings and workshops. We will go down to some maritime areas and encourage the development of projects within certain areas, promoting innovation and competitiveness through concrete projects. We will intensify cooperation with international clusters and open up new communication channels, following market trends and innovations.

Join us and tell all about your path to raising competitiveness, and we will help you make that way easier.


Tomislav Uroda

GDP in 2017 – 48,700 billion € • GDP per capita 2017 – 11 806 € • Exports of goods in 2017 – 13,3 billion € • Tourism Revenue 2017 – 9,49 billion € • Average exchange rate in 2017 HRK/EUR – 7,46; HRK/USD – 6,62