Measuring competitiveness

 Competitiveness reports represent a useful source of comparable information about main advantages and disadvantages of certain countries in accordance to the measured factors which affect on the competitiveness and productivity of economy.

Due to the globalization process, the main feature of modern economy become greater integration. 

The aim of research is not only to determine “ranking” of countries, but also to provide the possibility to the countries that they recognize their own weaknesses and to improve their competitiveness with elimination of those weaknesses.

GDP in 2016 – 45,58 billion € • GDP per capita 2016 – 10 929 € • Exports of goods in 2016 – 12,3 billion € • Tourism Revenue 2016 – 8,6 billion € • Average exchange rate in 2016 HRK/EUR – 7,5; HRK/USD – 6,8