Doing Business report

Doing Business is an annual report created by the World Bank using indicators methodology to evaluate the ease of doing business in 10 different thematic areas.

The basic assumption of “Doing Business” is that economic activity requires stimulating legislation for establishment of property rights, reducing the costs of resolving disputes, predictability of economic interactions and enforcement of contractual obligations.

The aim is to create legislation which will be effective, accessible to all and simple in its implementation. The report investigates regulations which are strengthening or limiting business and includes 190 countries worldwide. Higher Doing Business indicator rank is showing more favourable business climate and economy competitiveness.

Croatia in 2017.

In the latest World Bank Doing Business 2018 report which measures  the ease of business operations among 190 countries, the Republic of Croatia is ranked 51st.

Although it has recorded a worse ranking compared to last year 2017, according to information obtained, for Croatia has been recorded a positive shift of +0.05 in the total evaluation of Distance to frontier (DTF), which indicates an improvement in business conditions.

Growth was recorded in the indicators of Starting a business (for eight positions), Dealing with construction permits (for two positions), Registering property (for three positions), while Croatia’s Trading across borders kept last year’s first position.

For indicator Paying taxes was the largest drop in the rank compared to last year. For the same indicator according to the World Bank’s methodology, the previous calendar year has been analyzed and the tax reform, which entered into force on 01.01.2017, has not been taken into account.  The results of the tax reform will be visible in the World Bank report for the next year.

For other indicators, the period of 01.06.2016. to 01.06.2017. is taken into account. Thus, for example, the World Bank acknowledged the effect of a reduction in the Real Estate Tax Rate from 5% to 4% for the indicator of Registering property in which Croatia made progress for three positions.



GDP in 2017 – 48,700 billion € • GDP per capita 2017 – 11 806 € • Exports of goods in 2017 – 13,3 billion € • Tourism Revenue 2017 – 9,49 billion € • Average exchange rate in 2017 HRK/EUR – 7,46; HRK/USD – 6,62