„Vipnet’s most recent breaking of the world record in fixed data transfers, using HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coaxial) network, represents certain guide mark of what can be achieved in Croatia with domestic expertise and knowledge. It also points out the enormous human potential in Croatia and the best indicator of this assessment is the fact that Croatian experts play significant roles in the biggest centers of excellence around the world. If we find most efficient ways to use this human potential, there will be more examples such as Vipnet. By demonstrating technologies necessary to achieve Digital Agenda 2020, Vipnet set out a precedent in the terms of innovation and technologies of the future. This accomplishment is also a logical continuation of Vipnet’s innovative grasps that, over the years, manifested in launching of the most advanced technologies, from the SMS parking solution, through various advanced mobile networks and all the way up to today’s contactless payment of transport tickets in Osijek, through which we retain the constant of initiating innovations that are relevant for the telecom industry even beyond the borders of our country. I believe that Vipnet’s 14-year long „success story“, based on the most advanced technologies, innovation and socially responsible and sustainable activities, is the proof that Republic of Croatia can be the place of successful and competitive business.“

Mladen Pejković, Vipnet CEO

About Vipnet

Vipnet was the first private mobile operator in Croatia. In September 1998, Vipnet was granted a concession for the second GSM network in Croatia and started its commercial operations on July 1st, 1999. By entering the Croatian telecommunications market, Vipnet introduced competition into mobile telephony. Over the last 14 years Vipnet acquired the status of innovation leader on the telecommunications market in Croatia.

Vipnet currently has 1.9 million customers.

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GDP in 2017 – 48,700 billion € • GDP per capita 2017 – 11 806 € • Exports of goods in 2017 – 13,3 billion € • Tourism Revenue 2017 – 9,49 billion € • Average exchange rate in 2017 HRK/EUR – 7,46; HRK/USD – 6,62