About us

Agency for Investments and Competitiveness is an agency of the Croatian Government whose main task is to promote Croatia as a desirable investment destination, proactive attracting and implementation of investment projects of large companies as well as enhancement of the competitiveness of the Croatian economy on the global level.

Providing all necessary help and assistance to foreign and domestic investors, facilitating the implementation of investments and enabling these projects to achieve their maximum business potential in the Republic of Croatia are primary objectives of the Agency for Investments and Competitiveness.


„The AIK´s mission is to enable the investors to quickly and successfully achieve their business projects in the Republic of Croatia with its services and professional attitude and to promote sector specialization, cluster competitiveness and identify measures to streamline their business and raise the level of competitiveness in the Republic of Croatia.”


„ AIK’s vision is to act through attracting and encouraging investments and raising competitiveness of the Croatian economy to ensure that Croatia becomes a highly competitive country in the region with significant growth and development that will be based on knowledge, products and services of high added value, which will contribute to new employment. “

Objectives of the Agency

  • Increase the number of investment projects
  • Creation of new jobs
  • Improvement of investment environment
GDP in 2017 – 48,700 billion € • GDP per capita 2017 – 11 806 € • Exports of goods in 2017 – 13,3 billion € • Tourism Revenue 2017 – 9,49 billion € • Average exchange rate in 2017 HRK/EUR – 7,46; HRK/USD – 6,62