March 14, 2022

Announcement of calls for entrepreneurs from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (MINGOR)

The Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development will publish the first two calls for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan by the end of this month.

The purpose of this calls is to directly assist the transition of the Croatian economy towards a resource-efficient and sustainable economy, and the implementation of innovation, development and application of new (digital) technologies.

These are two calls for grants – “Start-up grant funding” and “Commercialization of innovation projects”, which are scheduled for publication on March 31st.

The objective of the Start-up grant funding is to stimulate the growth of start-ups in the high-tech and knowledge-based sectors in the pre-commercial phase through support for product development, increased production capacity and investment readiness. The total value of this tender will be EUR 18.8 million, with the lowest grant amount of just over EUR 26.5 thousand and the highest of EUR 132.7 thousand.

Grants under the Commercialisation of innovation projects shall support SMEs focused on the production of advanced and innovative high value-added products and services. The objective is to encourage the investments necessary for the commercialization of innovation and research and development results, for mature projects close to market entry. Projects that contribute to the green transition will be awarded additional points, and the total value of the tender is over EUR 50 million. The lowest amount of grants that can be awarded to an individual project will be just over EUR 100 thousand, and the highest just over EUR 700 thousand.

Information on calls and how to apply will be published on the website of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, National Recovery and Resilience Plan and our own webpage.

A total of just over EUR 379 million will be allocated through the component “Resilient, Green and Digital Economy” from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan to encourage innovation in micro, small and medium enterprises.