June 24, 2022

Call for “Grants for digitization” published

Today, the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development announced the call “Grants for digitalization” intended for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.

The call provides funds for the introduction of digital solutions in business through investments in digital tools and equipment for the introduction of a new way of doing business, or new or significantly improved production procedures, delivery of services or organizational practices, and strengthening digital skills.
A total of HRK 206 million was provided for the call, with the lowest individual grant amount of HRK 150,000 and the highest of HRK 750,000.

Eligible applicants are micro, small and medium enterprises with at least 3 full-time employees in the previous calendar year.
Activities that will be eligible for funding under the call are the development, development or procurement of digital solutions and technologies for the purpose of digital transformation of business processes or production, implementation, adaptation or integration of digital solutions and technologies, and strengthening digital skills of employees related to the above activities.

The call is implemented as an open procedure in the modality of a temporary call for project proposals. This means that a deadline has been set for the submission of project proposals, and upon its expiration the award procedure begins, which allows competition between all submitted project proposals on the basis of qualitative aspects.

The application period will be from July 1, 2022 to August 12, 2022, and projects will be evaluated by HAMAG – BICRO after the call closes, which will result in compiling a point ranking list and making funding decisions.