January 22, 2010

Croatian Agency for PPP gained membership of the EPEC

On the ground of the Croatian Government’s conclusion of 17th December 2009 accepting the Membership Letter of the Croatian Agency for PPP and hence EPEC (European Public Private Partnership Expertise Centre) accepting the Membership Letter in accordance with the provision set in EPEC Memorandum EPEC, Agency for PPP has gained the full membership of this prominent PPP expert centre.

EPEC was launched by the European Investment Bank (EIB) and European Commission on 16 September 2008. EPEC is a collaboration between the EIB, European Union Member and Candidate States and the European Commission which is designed to strengthen the organizational capacity of the public sector to engage in PPP transactions, sharing specific knowledge and experience and promotion of the best practice in PPP application.

EPEC acceptance of the Croatian Agency for PPP is both a recognition and the result of the good progress achieved by the Republic of Croatia in development and alignment of the legal and institutional PPP frame, as well as pre-accession negotiations advancement within Chapter 5 – Public Procurement.