March 12, 2018

EPEC PPP Market Update for 2017 has been published

In 2017, the aggregate value of PPP transactions that reached financial close in the European market totalled EUR 14.4 billion, a 22% increase from 2016 (EUR 11.8 billion). However, the number of PPP transactions reaching financial close fell to 42, compared to 68 in 2016. Eight large transactions (500 milion euro or more in value) closed, compared to six in 2016. Their aggregate value amounted to EUR 10.2 billion, representing 69% of the total market value (compared to 42% in 2016).

Turkey was the largest PPP market in Europe in terms of value, with a total of EUR 6 billion (EUR 1.5 billion in 2016), and the UK was the largest in terms of number of projects, with 12 deals closed (28 in 2016). In 2017 the transport sector remained the largest in value terms with over EUR 7.6 billion worth of transactions (EUR 3.8 billion in 2016). Healthcare was the second most active sector in terms of value with nine projects closed and an aggregate value of EUR 3.8 billion (EUR 2.1 billion in 2016).

The future European PPP market at the end of 2017 looked as follows, according to available data: 61 projects are currently in the PPP pipeline, for a total aggregate value of EUR 18.1 billion; while Turkey has the largest PPP pipeline in terms of value and France leads the PPP pipeline in terms of number of projects.