Food Industry

Due to readily available water, moderate climate and fertile land, the territory of the Republic of Croatia has been recognized since ancient times as ideal for the production of food and beverages.

The quality of country’s natural and human resources is recognized by numerous international companies such as Lactalis, Heineken, Carlsberg, Coca Cola and HiPP, while export successes of companies such as Podravka, Kraš and Ledo in the European Union market and wider, contribute to recognition and further development of the Croatian food industry.

Today, the food industry employs more than 58,000 people in over 3,400 companies. The average gross salary in the food production is € 1,133 while in the beverage production it amounts to €1,667.

  • 3,478 food and beverage companies (CBS, 2022 – provisional data)
  • 58,595 workers in food and beverage production (CBS, 2022 – provisional data)
  • € 1,133 average gross salary in food production (CBS, 2022)
  • € 1,667 average gross salary in beverage production (CBS, 2022)


Catalogue of Croatian Manufacturers – HALAL