June 7, 2010

Four regional workshops held in May 2010

In the framework of the IPA 2007 TAF twining light project “”Strengthening of the Administrative Capacity of the Agency for the Public Private Partnership in Relation to the Implementation of the New PPP Legislation” the Agency has organized two days seminars in May in cooperation with the Croatian Chamber of Economy in Zagreb, Split, Rijeka and Osijek. The seminars are designed for the public sector primarily for the representatives of the local governments (counties, cities), regional development agencies and business centres which are involved in the PPP projects. This twinning light project is being implemented with the assistance of the Special Secretariat for PPP within the Hellenic Ministry of Economy, Competitiveness and Shipping (Member State Twinning Partner). Partners in the project shared their experiences and best practices in the field of public procurement and implementation of PPP projects, and representatives of the Agency presented the legal and institutional framework for the development of PPP in the Republic Croatia. The participants evaluated the model as a complex and demanding in terms of procedures that require a good and concerted practices of key institutions in Croatia, but also as an opportunity for local and regional governments with regard to the possibility of attracting private sector investment in areas such as schools and hospitals building, social care, waste management, transport infrastructure, etc. They recognized the crucial role of the Agency’s level of expertise, and recommended its further work to educate all stakeholders in the implementation of these projects.