Business Zone INVEST HR

Quality entrepreneurial infrastructure significantly contributes to a development of entrepreneurial activity, to the growth of a number of entrepreneurs and workers employed as well as enhances business achievement of entrepreneurs. Furthermore, it strengthens their competitiveness and therefore is one of the most important tools in attracting new investments.

For this reason, it was decided that one of the special awards at the conference INVEST HR will be one for the business zone INVEST HR 2015.

The award will be given based on the following requirements and criteria:

Requirements Scored criteria
  • Business zone has full infrastructure
  • Business zone is active in accordance with Article 9 of Act on Improvement of Business Infrastructure;
  • Activities performed in the business zone are manufacturing or logistics and distribution;
  • Business zone is listed in the Catalogue of Business Zones kept by the Agency for Investments and Competitiveness
  • Level of activation (occupancy of active entrepreneurs) of available land in hectares;
  • Number (density) of workers per hectare
  • Number of entrepreneurs in the zone (commenced construction and fully active)
  • Prevailing activity in the zone
  • Additional services (available office space for rent – start-up incubators; possibility of renting computer equipment (or any other, according to the development plan), meeting rooms and similar; zone surveillance; fire protection; maintenance of green areas; business consulting services; training center);
  • Development of the zone financed through EU funds.