Intellectual property rights

Croatia is aware of the fact that in today’s world the enhancement of products and production processes is a key to the survival of large global companies that invest vast resources in research and development of new products and technologies.

In such an environment, intellectual property has become the most valuable item in a company’s asset and one of the very important components in the business world in general. Having realized this, Croatia has brought a series of acts at the end of 2003 on the protection of intellectual property so that the Croatian legal framework is fully coordinated with EU’s regulation.

Croatia is a member of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and is a signatory of all important international instruments in the field of intellectual property. As a full WTO member, Croatia is a party to the Uruguay Round Agreement on Trade-Related Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS).

The competent authority for all the tasks concerning monitoring, analyzing and providing recommendations for the implementation of new regulations and legal institutes in the Republic of Croatia is the State Intellectual Property Office. (