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General information

Location potential
The castle with the old preserved park is located on the coast of Lake Đola. Next to the castle is the baroque parish church of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, which is a protected cultural monument, a medieval underwater and terrestrial archeological site "Sulejmanov most" and an equestrian club with a hippodrome. The castle is located in near Kopački rit which has the status of "Managed nature reservation", and part has the status of "Special zoological reservation". The place is well connected with the corridor of the highway C5 Beli Manastir - Osijek - Bosnia and Herzegovina (8 km away), the Western Osijek Bypass (1 km away) as well as the railway (2 km), Osijek Airport (15 km) and the river port in Batina on the Danube (40 km).
Project description
The project contributes to solving the problem of insufficient capacity in homes for the elderly, by increasing accommodation capacity and increasing the quality of life of the elderly through institutional services - by increasing accommodation capacity and extra-institutional services for the elderly.

Reconstruction of Esterhazy Castle into a center for the elderly has planned result through project: 36 double rooms and 4 single rooms, restaurant, kitchen, cafe, rooms for professional work and therapy, pursuant to the regulations for homes for the elderly.
Project realization model
The following documentation has been made for Esterhazy Castle: 1) Elaborate of the current situation, 2) Historical conservation and technical research containing: a) Conservation guidelines, b) Statics, c) Conservation and restoration researches, d) Historical - construction development and valorization proposal of conservation guidelines.
Estimated value of the investment project
7,9 million EUR