City of Zadar

Narodni trg 1, 23000 Zadar

City of Zadar, Mr. Darko Kasap, Head of Administrative Department of Spatial Planning and Civil Engineering, e-mail:

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General information

Location potential
The Project is located in the northern part of Dalmatia, in the City of Zadar, the seat of the Zadar County. The area is easily accessible via road, sea and air. Aside from the state motorway, here too is the ferry port with routes to islands of northern and central Dalmatia and to Italy, as well as the airport with low cost flights.
Project description
The City of Zadar as the project holder plans to revitalize and urbanize the contact zone between the historical centre and the new part of the City of Zadar, known as the wider area of Ravnica. Currently, on the land encompassed by the project, there are a few obsolete cultural and sports facilities, an old fortress, a small harbour and two canals.

Some of the existing structures of historical value are envisaged for renewal, however the largest part of the project area is planned for the construction of the new infrastructure and commercial facilities that will transform the area into a modern urban centre with a cultural, commercial, entertainment and tourist (hotels) facilities, and a sports and recreational zone on 18,9 hectares of the land area and 11,2 hectares of the sea area.
Project realization model
The transaction model for the land designated for the construction of commercial and other facilities would be based on the right to build granted for up to 99 years. Depending on interest, the strategic partner could participate in the development of the whole project or just the commercial facilities. Under the conditions stipulated by the Act on Investment Promotion (OG 63/22) this project may qualify for investment incentives. The area within the scope of project includes maritime domain and land owned by the City of Zadar and the Republic of Croatia. After the selection of a strategic partner, the City of Zadar plans to lodge an application to obtain the status of a project of strategic importance, which would ensure the resolution of ownership issues for the land within the scope of the project and speed up the procedures for obtaining necessary permits and approvals (Act on Strategic Investment Projects of the Republic of Croatia, OG 29/18, 114/18)).
Estimated value of the investment project
approx. 110,8 million EUR