Kostrena Municipality

Sv. Lucija 38, 51221 Kostrena


Municipality of Kostrena, Tel: +385 51 209 073, e-mail: dario.modric@kostrena.hr

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General information

Location potential
The location of the project is the Paveki settlement in Kostrena, in the Primorje- Gorski Kotar County. The Municipality of Kostrena is the youngest municipality in the County, situated in its west side close to the City of Rijeka, the administrative, urban and cultural centre of the County and the largest Croatian port (Port of Rijeka). Location is well connected by air, sea, road and rail traffic to the rest of Europe (the Julian Alps and the border with Austria are less than two hours away by car). On the eastern side it borders with the City of Bakar. With its location, Kostrena is also a part of famous Kvarner Bay, a popular tourist resort with a 150-year history that offers an exceptional combination of the sea, islands and highlands, within an exceptionally small space. Landscaped walking paths and fragrant gardens, centennial parks and top-quality healthcare services are all in the function of restoring health and energy. All this makes Kostrena a very attractive location for living and permanent residence.
Project description
Aging populations are a long-term trend that has been present for the last few decades in Europe, with a continual increase in the population aged 65 and over in all EU Member States.

As result of this trend, the demand for homes for the elderly and disabled persons is increasing in Europe, including Croatia, which is in a high phase of demographic transition. In order to meet this trend, the Municipality of Kostrena is planning to implement a project that includes the construction of a complex on a piece of land sized 13.188 m² and owned by the Municipality. The project is in line with the Development Strategy of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County and is expected to increase current accommodation capacities for the elderly by 10%.

The project envisages the construction of accommodation capacities for 150 users of all levels of functionality, including those suffering from Alzheimer’s dementia and those requiring geriatric palliative care.

The entire complex has been designed with 4 dilatations on 5 floors connected by corridors and bridges. The complex will have a gross developed area of 8,608m² with residential part (20 rooms), medical unit (66 rooms), patients with Alzheimer disease (20 rooms), Palliative care (11 rooms) and day centre (3 rooms).

As an incentive, the Municipality of Kostrena is ready to waive payment of municipal contribution in the amount of 12 EUR/m3 to the future investor.

The building permit was issued on April 11, 2018.
Project realization model
The valid building permit was obtained in May 2018, the validity of which was extended until May 2024. The right to build, and public-private partnership is also acceptable.
Estimated value of the investment project
13,5 million EUR