Stubičke Toplice Municipality

Viktora Šipeka 16, 49244 Stubičke Toplice

Municipality of Stubičke Toplice, Mr. Josip Beljak, Municipality Mayor, Tel: +385 99 2182 811, e-mail:

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General information

Location potential
The Project is located in Stubičke Toplice, a renowned spa and health tourism destination in Zagorje, at the foot of the northern part of the Medvednica Mountain that divides Stubičke Toplice from the capital city of the Republic of Croatia, Zagreb. The Medvednica Mountain, aside from its ski resort Sljeme, internationally known for the men’s and women’s slalom World Cup race the “Snow Queen Trophy”, named in honour of Janica Kostelić, a world-famous Croatian skier, offers numerous possibilities for popular sport activities such as cycling, hiking and running. The largest part of the municipality (80%), including the project land, is located within the Medvednica Nature Park, which contributes to the attractiveness of the whole area. The second important advantage of the Stubičke Toplice area is its abundance of thermal springs that have traditionally been used for healing purposes. Hence, the municipality development has principally been oriented towards health tourism, combining pristine nature, healing thermal springs and modern physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R).
Project description
The Jarki Camp Project envisages the construction of an auto-camp on a land plot covering 8.189 m², owned by the Municipality of Stubičke Toplice. The land is located 2.5 km from Stubičke Toplice, next to the Jarki Lake. The lake is surrounded by the Medvednica Nature Park woods, and is managed by the Sports Fishing Association, which takes care of water and fish protection, fish restocking, education and development of sports fishing. The Association frequently organizes fishing competitions and recreational activities. The easily accessed land is bordered by two local roads and a small creek, Lampuš. The current infrastructure, in addition to roads, includes electricity and connections to gas, water and telecommunication networks. The project envisages the construction of 45 campsites for camping trailers, camper vans and wooden prefabricated units (21 plots 80 m² in size, 13 plots 100 m² and 11 plots of 120 m²), a reception and bathroom facilities, and a Tourist house, containing a shop and hospitality facilities on the ground floor and accommodation capacities (9 rooms and 2 apartments).

It is planned that all the facilities will be made of wooden materials in harmony with the natural surroundings. The shop within the camp may include ecologically grown food products from family farms, of which there are 65 in the Municipality. Meanwhile, co-operation with institutions such as the Medvednica Nature Park and Stubičke Toplice Tourist Board will enable educational programmes and promotion of the County’s traditional values, healthy lifestyle and active spa vacations.
Project realization model
The main design certificates, both for the camp and for Tourist house were obtained in February 2014. The basic construction work has already commenced. Sale of the land for the construction of a caravan park. Under the conditions stipulated by the Act on Investment Promotion (OG 63/22), this project may qualify for investment incentives.