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General information

Location potential
The scope of the project is located in the bay "Port of Ploče" which is located in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, in the area of the City of Ploče, between the settlements of Ploče and Baćina. Pursuant to the Decision amending the Decision on the Establishment of Special Purpose Ports - Military Ports (Official Gazette, 43/18), the military port "Uvala Baćine" in Ploče (barracks "Sidrište") was deleted from the list of military ports as it represents an unpromising military location, which enabled its conversion according to the requirements and interests of the City of Ploče. Amendments to the Spatial Plan of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County were adopted in March 2019. Article 54c. the port of nautical tourism of national importance "Pod cestom-Sidrište", with a capacity of up to 400 berths, has been defined. The project is harmonized with the Spatial Plan of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County and the Spatial Plan of the City of Ploče. The Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and State Property issued a Certificate of Compliance with the spatial planning documentation. Due to its geostrategic position and natural wealth, Ploče is an ideal area for the development of nautical tourism. Great potential is represented on the one hand by land connection by highway through the Republic of Croatia, which allows arrival from Western and Central Europe, and on the other hand traffic Vc corridor that allows connection with Bosnia and Herzegovina and Central and Eastern Europe. Therefore, a nautical tourism port project is planned in the northern part of Ploče (Baćine Bay), on a 700-meter-long coastal strip, approximately 400 meters from the city center. DESTINATION (brief description of other contents in the environment relevant for the project implementation For the project in question, a preliminary assessment of acceptability for the ecological network was carried out , limited range of possible impacts and distance from the nearest protected area - a special reserve of ornithological and ichthyological Neretva estuary, which is 2.4 km, during construction and use will not have a negative impact on the nearest protected area.
Project description
The aim of the project is to develop nautical tourism at the state level. The starting point for planning a nautical tourism port in Ploče is the fact that it is located in an area where there are no other marinas of the planned standard, and neighboring marinas in Makarska, Hvar and Korcula are within daily distance of sailors. Therefore, it is expected that the marina in Ploče could become a new destination in a very attractive area. From these assumptions arises the design of the marina Ploče as: a stationary marina that serves only its owners, transit marinas for the charter fleet and as a departure marina "charters".

The subject of the project is the construction and equipping of a nautical tourism port of national importance in Ploče with up to 400 berths and associated connecting roads. The nautical tourism port will have 2 swimming pools: "Pod cestom" and "Sidrište". Through the conceptual design, several variants were analyzed that were functionally and cost-wise valorized, and finally the most acceptable variant was selected. The port covers the sea and land part, with a total area of 13.48 ha, of which at the location of "Technical Workshop" it occupies 10.04 ha, and at the location "Anchorage" 3.44 ha (deviation from the surface is possible based on precise geodetic measurements and field).

REALIZATION TIME (planned) 2024.-2026.
Project realization model
The Preliminary Design of the Nautical Tourism Port and the Environmental Impact Study have been prepared. The environmental impact assessment procedure has been launched, and as part of that, the Draft Decision on the environmental acceptability of interventions has been published on the website of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development. Furthermore, the development of the conceptual project is nearing completion and the procedure for obtaining a location permit will soon be initiated.
Estimated value of the investment project
13.935.894,88 EUR