Port Authority Slavonski Brod

Šetalište braće Radić 19a, 35000 Slavonski Brod


Port Authority Slavonski Brod, Mr. Marijan Jurić, Executive director, e-mail: info@lusb.hr

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General information

Location potential
The Port of Slavonski Brod is located on the left bank of the River Sava, 4 km southeast of Slavonski Brod, on the border between the Republic of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, close to the intersection of the railway corridor X and the road corridor Vc. It is also the international port of entry to the European Union. The port has direct access to road and rail networks that facilitate the loading and storage of goods as well as freight forwarding to inland waterways along the Danube to the main Croatian seaports Rijeka, Ploče, Split and Zadar, and on the opposite direction right up to the Black Sea.
Project description
In the process of securing the preconditions for a more dynamic growth in terms of activities of the Port, the project holder, the Port Authority of Slavonski Brod, which manages and develops the port on the River Sava (207-467 river kilometers) on an area of 90 hectares, is conducting an investment cycle of approx. 17 million EUR including the construction of the port and accompanying facilities as well as the development of the wider port area with all the necessary infrastructure (so far about 80% of the port infrastructure has been built). Currently, there is an oil terminal for reloading of crude oil with two loading racks and a bulk cargo terminal for reloading of rocks, sand, gravel and other bulk cargo. A contract with the concessionaire for the construction of the thermal power plant/heating plant and bio-ethanol plant has also been signed. General cargo transshipment terminals have also been built:
• vertical quay 3, 120 m long with a manipulative plateau with a total area of 3.910 m²,
• vertical quay 4, 107 m long, and vertical quay 5, 122 m long, with a manipulative plateau of 1.700 m²
• container terminal with an area of 1.400 m²
• industrial road within the port area in the length of 1.454 m
• industrial track at the container terminal in the length of 506 m
• port weigh house

In addition to the above mentioned investments, the Port Authority also plans to construct a new terminal for liquid cargo (diesel, gasoline, bioethanol) with 8 tanks and total capacity of 48.000 m3. The size of the land involved in the project is 83.974 m², for which an investor is sought.

In order to increase the volume of cargo reloading and the handling capacities of the Port (up to 1.500.000 tons per year), a road network is also being planned, which would go along the banks of the river, together with a container terminal with a capacity of up to 200.000 tons. The plan foresees the construction of adjoining facilities, a Ro-La terminal for reloading trucks on low-floor wagons with a capacity for receiving/dispatching 20 low-floor wagons as well as a terminal for hazardous goods and a shipyard for the maintenance and servicing of ships.
Project realization model
The Port Authority of Slavonski Brod is seeking strategic partners to invest in the liquid cargo terminal, through a concession model (for a period of 5 to 25 years, which could be prolonged to even 50 years, provided the Government of the Republic of Croatia grants an approval) or through the right to build model. The estimated value of the investment is 12 million EUR.
Estimated value of the investment project
12 million EUR