Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and State Assets; Municipality of Kumrovec

Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and State Assets, Ulica Republike Austrije 20, 10000 Zagreb; Municipality of Kumrovec, Ulica Josipa Broza 12, 49295 Kumrovec;

Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and State Assets, e-mail:; Municipality of Kumrovec, e-mail:

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General information

Location potential
The Project is located in the small village of Kumrovec, in the Krapina - Zagorje County, which is in the north western part of Croatia, on the border with Slovenia. The county’s location ensures that it’s an inevitable point on the traffic route from Western Europe across Slovenia (Maribor), through the capital city of Croatia, Zagreb, towards the south, east and the north of Croatia. Kumrovec is located 45 km away from the capital city of Zagreb and its international airport, as well as 50 km from Slovenian city Maribor. All localities in the county are well connected by roads. The entire county is a tame picturesque region, abounding in hills with vineyards, green forests and rivers, a multitude of villages with castles, historical ruins and monuments. Beside its rich cultural, historical and eno-gastronomic offer, the county is well known for its tradition of health and spa tourism (hospitals for medical rehabilitation in Krapinske Toplice and Stubičke Toplice, the first private cardio surgery clinic Magdalena Clinic) and numerous thermal baths (Stubičke, Tuheljske and Krapinske Toplice), for which, investors are recently showing increasing interest. The major attraction of Kumrovec is the Old Village Kumrovec Ethnological Museum with very well preserved village houses from the turn of 19th to the 20th century, where the birth house and a monument to the well known politician and former president of the former Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito, can be visited.
Project description
The beauty of completely preserved nature and rich historical heritage, offer an excellent basis for tourist development of the Zagorje region. In line with that, one of the goals of future tourist development of the Municipality of Kumrovec is the reconstruction and reuse of existing facilities owned by the Republic of Croatia and Municipality of Kumrovec, consisting of Zagorje Hotel (former school of political sciences) and the Sports and Recreation Centre. The spatial plans in force envisage development of tourism, sport and recreational facilities.


62 rooms (134 beds), reception, bar, lounge, patisserie, management area (350 - 400 m²), terraces, congress/training hall (300, 80 seats), meeting rooms, library, reading room, archives rooms, indoor swimming pool, saunas, amphitheatre, outdoor sports facilities.

ZAGORJE HOTEL (built in 1981, not in use)
Total land area: 26.285 m²,
• Gross developed area: 11.310 m²,
• Numbers of levels: B+Po+3

145 single rooms (size from 20 to 25 m²) with bathroom and loggia, sport halls, library and reading room, work cabinets, infirmary, warehouse, restaurant and kitchen, storage, bistro, entrance hall, outdoor courts: basketball, volleyball, handball.

Surface area: 26 hectares

A football field with stands and a tartan athletics track, multipurpose court: handball, volleyball, basketball, locker rooms, central heating, fitness, press centre and parking
Project realization model
The Republic of Croatia intends to offer the project to potential investors by announcing a public tender. Under the conditions stipulated by the Act on Investment Promotion (OG 63/22) this project may qualify for investment incentives.