City of Senj

Obala dr. Franje Tuđmana 2, 53270 Senj

Institution for the Development of the City of Senj, Mr. Vedran Ažić, Acting Managing Director, e-mail:

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General information

Location potential
The project is located in the City of Senj (Lika – Senj County), near the city centre at a quiet location about 500 metres from the closest local hospital. The town area encompasses a 76 km long maritime coast and is situated between the sea and the slopes of the Kapela and Velebit mountains (Velebit is the biggest mountain in Croatia) with a Mediterranean climate (dry and warm summers, and mild and humid winters). Located on the eastern Adriatic coast, Senj is connected to Mediterranean countries and cities by the sea. By road, it is connected to the hinterland via the Vratnik mountain pass (700 m above sea level), to the Vinodol valley, Rijeka and its hinterland to the west, and to Zadar, Split and Dalmatia to the south. According to the 2011 Census, the Lika - Senj County is the county with the oldest population in Croatia. With just one nursing home in the City of Gospić and its subsidiaries in Otočac and Udbina, there is a high demand for these types of facilities in the county.
Project description
The project includes the construction of a high quality nursing home for 100 users on a land plot of 3.969 m². The future nursing home will consist of a basement space with an underground garage, a ground floor with administrative and commercial facilities and an additional four floors with accommodation units (double and single rooms) and infirmary.

Out of the total 3.969 m², 30% of the land plot is intended for a residential area, while the rest for green areas and new public spaces. The future nursing home is not envisaged as an isolated complex, rather it will be an integral and vital part of the urban area with residents included in the everyday life of the city.
Project realization model
The project documentation (preliminary, detailed and main design) has been completed and the location and building permits have been obtained. The main preparatory work has been completed, including the demolition of existing buildings, and the expansion and construction of the access road. The construction of the first project phase (basement level) is already completed (investment of 1.4 million EUR). Owner of the land within the project is City of Senj whose intention is to develop the project based on public-private partnership model.
Estimated value of the investment project
5,73 million EUR