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General information

Location potential
The project is located in the City of Zadar, northern Dalmatia (Zadar County). Zadar, and thus ŠC Višnjik, is connected to the rest of the Republic of Croatia, Europe and the world in a high-quality way, by highway, air connections and maritime traffic. The hall can be reached by highway from Zagreb in 2,5 hours or by the Adriatic highway from the direction of Rijeka in approximately 4 hours. Zadar can also be reached by shipping lines from important Croatian ports, from all islands and from neighboring Italy. Zadar Airport connects the city of Zadar by air with the most important cities in Croatia and with important European metropolises.

Zadar is set it in the middle of the five national and three nature parks. Zadar is the centre of the County’s outdoor activities. All the paths lead from the city towards a network of numerous trekking and cycling trails. Wine and cheese routes or paths towards atmospheric taverns with traditional gastronomy, are ideal refreshment points. The best way to start the journey across the Zadar archipelago is to do it like the ancient sailors did, using sails and the sympathy of the wind.
Project description
Project includes the construction of accommodation and additional sports facilities at the existing sports centre Višnjik extending over 202.000 m², with the goal of further development of sports tourism in the City of Zadar. The Sports Centre already has a reputation among domestic and foreign athletes as a great place to prepare for the sports season, because of the possibility of performing sports activities all year round.

There are already several facilities at the centre: a multipurpose central sports hall “Krešimir Ćosić” with 8.000 seats; 4 auxiliary halls and gyms, each with 1.000 seats, intended for sports, music and other events, press center and VIP saloon, an indoor swimming pool complex (a large, small and children’s swimming pool as well as a diving tower), tennis center 8.200 m² with 6 auxiliary clay courts, 3 auxiliary concrete courts and one large central clay court and a complex of five playgrounds for the padel center.

The outdoor section of SC Višnjik (with provided lighting) contains a set of sports facilities, namely, a large 100 x 60 metre football field with a grass surface (including bleachers for up to 1.000 spectators), a 400 metre tartan track with 6 lanes, as well as long jump, high jump, javelin throw, and shot put areas. The outdoor complex also has a 100 metre tartan track for warming up, a tartan fitness trail (1.284 metres long), fitness equipment for the street workout park, 4 pitches for futsal with artificial grass (one of which has bleachers for 200 spectators), and 4 locker rooms. In addition, the outdoor complex also has an obstacle course for dogs and tartan courts for volleyball, basketball, and badminton. Every November until the end of January, the visitors of SC Višnjik can also enjoy the 800 square metre skating rink, which transforms into a 800 square metre rollerblade park from February until November. Lastly, the outdoor complex also features a handball court with an anti-stress surface, a children’s sports park, a militaresque obstacle course, and 3 parking areas with 340 spaces total. Within the subcomplex of the outdoor facilities there is a modern, fully equipped gymnasium, a boxing gym, and a hall for judo.

The project includes the construction of several new facilities:
• a 4-star sports hotel with 120 rooms (gross area of 16.560 m²),
• an outdoor swimming pool complex with an Olympic-size pool, recreational pools, a pool for diving with a diving tower and a children’s pool,
• an aqua park next to the swimming pool complex,
• multipurpose hall for handball and indoor football (reconstruction-extension of the existing outdoor handball court).

Through the implementation of the new project and construction of additional accommodation and sports capacities, the Sports Centre Višnjik will develop into a large centre offering sports and accommodation services to athletes, sports clubs and sports unions.
Project realization model
The project land is owned by the Republic of Croatia, while the City of Zadar has the right to build, granted in November 2007 for a period of 30 years. This right to build, based on a decision of the City of Zadar, was in 2016 transferred to the Sports Centre Višnjik d.o.o. under the same conditions. After that period (2037), the holder of the right to build will have a priority of the right to build or, in the event of sale, the right of first refusal for the new establishment.

The management company Sportski centar Višnjik d.o.o. (Ltd.), owned by the City of Zadar, is looking for a strategic partner for project development. Each investor/strategic partner will have a possibility to develop a specific part or the whole project, either by himself or in cooperation with the management company.

Under the conditions stipulated by the Act on Investment Promotion (OG 63/22) this project may qualify for investment incentives. The project is in accordance with the City’s spatial plans. On February 14, 2023, the City Council passed the Decision on Amendments to the Urban Development Plan (UPU) of the Višnjik Sports and Recreation Center, which provides for the construction of new buildings and the reconstruction of existing ones. Commercial and accommodation facilities will be planned in accordance with the amendments to the UPU. The conceptual project for the complex of outdoor swimming pools has been completed and the building permit has been obtained.
Estimated value of the investment project
100 million EUR