Project holder is Odašiljači i veze ltd. The company is 100% owned by the Republic of Croatia, is a leading provider of national strategic communication infrastructure, which provides customers with connectivity services through reliable digital networks and platforms for transmitting and transmitting signals, content distribution and data transmission via fiber optic Internet. OIV offers satellite transmission services as well as multimedia services, OTT services, IOT services as well as professional radio services.

Ulica grada Vukovara 269d, 10000 Zagreb

Odašiljači i veze, Dario Kaurić, Advisor for Financial and General Affairs, e-mail:

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General information

Location potential
The project’s location is in Zagreb, the largest city and the capital of the Republic of Croatia. Zagreb is place where are seated central government and administrative bodies. Transport connections, the concentration of industry, scientific and research institutes as well as the industrial tradition are all segments which drive the economy forward in Croatia, and Zagreb is a leader in this aspect. It is a city also known for its high quality of life, sport facilities, museums and a variety of cultural events.
Project description
The construction of an office building with an antenna tower and a data center, as well as reserved space for the construction of a multimedia center in the future, is planned on a building plot of 13.366 m². According to the spatial plan, the land is in the business construction zone, which allows the construction of a building up to eight floors above ground as well as two underground floors. The land already has all infrastructure connections (gas, water, steam pipeline, sewage, electricity with a medium-voltage connection of sufficient capacity), and is connected by a core network of optical fibers. The land is only 5 minutes from the highway and approx. 10 minutes from Zagreb airport.

Planned for this project (all in one phase):

• office space for 300 OIV employees with accompanying facilities: restaurant / hall for about 200 people and cafe (food, meetings, presentations); total area for catering approx. 820 m²
• construction of office space intended for rent and accompanying facilities for more than 300 employees on approximately 4.300 m² (GBP) of office space
• space for antennas and transmitters on the built-in antenna pole on the building up to a total height of approx. 64 meters
• overhead multi-storey open garage for approx. 282 vehicles on approx. 7.380 m² (GBP)
• data center with a capacity of approx. 150 standard racks 42u (standard racks) with accompanying infrastructure

Planned for the future: Multimedia center at approximately 4.000 m².
Project realization model
The estimated value of the project is up to EUR 27,5 million, and the project can be developed through a strategic partnership, the right of use as well as the right of usufruct. A building permit was obtained and a bill of costs was drawn up. The implementation project is being developed.
Estimated value of the investment project
27,5 million EUR