Registry of public-private partnership contract

Central Bus Station | Osijek | PPP Contracts
Registration number 0002/2011
Public partner City of Osijek, Osijek, Croatia, OIB:30050049642
Private partner Panturist Jsc.
Date of signing 02.05.2007.
Starting date 02.05.2007.
Expected duration of contract 30 years
PPP model Contractual
Contract purpose

The purpose of this contract is to put the land owned by the town of Osijek and building a new bus terminal with accompanying facilities and office space.

Contract subject

Granting of exclusive right to build for the use of construction plot and financing, design, construction, management and maintenance of the station building.

Application field


Main activities

Design, construction, financing, management, maintenance and provision of public services.

Public partner obligations City of Osijek Granting a private partner exclusive right to build for the use of construction plot. The obligation to ban parking on public spaces in the zone around the bus station building, and if allowed, the parking price will be at least twice the parking price in the garage. Adoption of the Decision on the prohibition of accepting passengers for all buses, either regular line or excursion, on the entire territory of the city of Osijek, except at the bus station, unless this is subject to special regulations or the parties agree otherwise. Providing all reasonable assistance to a private partner, upon request of a private partner, in order to enable the private partner to obtain all necessary approvals and permits in a timely manner. Providing documents, approvals and permits for which he is responsible. Enabling a private partner to dispose of excavations and construction waste in an appropriate landfill during the execution of works with prescribed compensation. Providing a private partner with the service of passage and transit where necessary for the sake of undisturbed access to the land and performance of works under the contract. The execution of all possible taxes and contributions arising from the fact that the building rights are granted on land, as well as all possible tax and other charges (including turnover tax and court and notary costs), in accordance with the valid laws and regulations, during the termination of the contract and the handover of the building into the ownership and possession of the public partner.
Private partner obligations

Financing, design, construction, management and maintenance of the building.Regular payment of the monthly land use fee. Obtaining all necessary approvals and permits for building and use of the building. Obtaining the necessary funds. Accession to the completion of necessary actions for building preparation and construction. Achieving the costs of designing an ideal building project and requesting the consent of the city of Osijek to the project. Obtaining a location permit at your expense. Development of the main project of the building and obtaining control of the main project in accordance with the Construction Act. Obtaining a building permit at your own expense. Enabling a public partner to gain insight into the drafting of project documentation and the realization of construction through an authorized representative. Ensuring from common risks all the time the building was built and used. Meeting all costs of maintaining and using the building for the entire duration of the contract, including payment of all municipal charges, taxes and taxes and other charges. Maintenance of the building and taking all actions necessary for normal operation and function of the bus station in accordance with all relevant regulations. Preparation and maintenance of neat, accurate and complete books (construction diaries and other documentation). Delivery to the public partner of quarterly reports on the execution of operations. Enabling a public partner to review completed construction works. Immediately after obtaining the use permit for the constructed buildings, the private partner will start using the part of the building where the bus station is located, if it has a license to perform, the train services or lease it based on a public tender. A part of the building may only be used as a bus station by a company licensed to perform train services in accordance with the Ordinance on licenses for public road transport and train services. Maintenance of bus station in working, orderly and maintained condition and ensuring its continuous function in accordance with relevant regulations for the entire duration of construction rights. Carrying out all costs related to the plans, permits and necessary approvals for which it is responsible. Payment of all fines and penalties and achievement of their costs and costs of the public partner incurred due to non-compliance. Giving priority, under the same conditions, to hiring persons from the public partner area. Providing answers, documentation and information to a public partner, which the public partner reasonably requests in writing. Payment or compensation of any fines and damages resulting from the breach of the contract thereon.

Private partner reimbursement fee Panturist Jsc. 0.13 EUR per year Monthly fee
Buildings Osijek Bus Terminal The new bus terminal premises at the corner of Kasic and Kaccic Street in Osijek contains: 1. Bus station A Category. 2. Accompanying facilities of bus terminal 3. Business premises with garage 4. The necessary infrastructure in the entire land area.
Buildings location Osijek
PPP project capital value 15.926.737,01 EUR