Form of information on the intention to implement a public private partnership project

Public body
Name Croatian State Archives
Registration number
OIB (personal identification number)
Person authorized to represent the public body
Date of publishing 26.11.2012.
Person in charge of preparation and implementation of the project
Name of the project Croatian State Archives | Zagreb | PPP Intention
Name of the project Croatian State Archives
Purpose and aim of the project

The project aim is to ensure adequate protection of records of enduring importance to the business and official purposes and as legal evidence, on the other hand, provide access to archival material, regardless of the time, place and public memory of the events that document.

Short description of intervention regarding the present and the planned state of the public infrastructure

The construction of the new archive building in Kerestinec on the outskirts of Zagreb is aiming to provide adequate space for performing the main archival services:

– storage of the archival material

– access and use of archival material for public.

Togehter with the old archive building it will ensure the archival services in long-term.

Proposal of the procedure for selection of private partner Restricted procedure of public procurement
Estimated capital value of the project 138.000.000 HRK (excluding VAT)
Expected duration of contract 27 years