Form of information on the intention to implement a public private partnership project

Public body
Name Municipality Medulin
Address Centar 223
Registration number 2554585
OIB (personal identification number) 70537271639
Person authorized to represent the public body Ivan Kirac, bacc. oec.
Date of publishing 08.04.2016.
Person in charge of preparation and implementation of the project Ivan Kirac, mayor; Gianni Bu┼żleta, advisor to the mayor; Suzana Racan Stern, Head of the Administrative Department for EU Projects, General Administration and the Economy
Name of the project Active Park | Medulin | PPP Intention
Name of the project Municipality Medulin
Purpose and aim of the project

The purpose of the project is through investments in sports infrastructure and facilities contribute to meeting the public needs in sport for local population and create conditions for sustainable socio-economic development and positioning of the Municipality of Medulin as a well-known international sports tourism destination.

Project objectives are as follows:
1. Positioning of the Municipality of Medulin as a famous international destination for workout, competitions and tournaments;
2. Include in sport as much of the local population as possible;
3. Upgrade the quality of workouts and competitions for the needs of the inhabitants of Croatia including disabled persons;
4. Build an attractive sports infrastructure for workout and competitions for foreign sportsmen and to extend the tourist season through sports tourism to the whole year;
5. Boosting job creation;
6. Allow the development of SMEs;
7. Increase revenues of local government and state from which they will finance other needs of the community.

Short description of intervention regarding the present and the planned state of the public infrastructure

The project Medulin Active Park refers to the construction of sports facilities – playground, running tracks, gym and pool with accompanying catering facilities. The project consists of complex for various sporting and entertainment facilities with associated infrastructure.
The project was conceived as one of the centers of development of amateur sport at the local, regional, national and international level.
As shows in the project outline, the project envisaged the investment in the next sports infrastructure and facilities:
a) Recreation center
b) Stadium
c) Tennis playground
d) Athletic stadium
e) Football playground
f) Transport infrastructure including driveway and parking spot

Proposal of the procedure for selection of private partner Competitive dialog
Estimated capital value of the project 21.550.068 EUR
Expected duration of contract 25 years