Form of information on the intention to implement a public private partnership project

Public body
Name City of Buzet
Address II istarske brigade 11, 52420 Buzet
Registration number 02545853
OIB (personal identification number) 77489969256
Person authorized to represent the public body Siniša Žulić, mayor
Date of publishing 01.01.1970.
Person in charge of preparation and implementation of the project Vanja Fabijančić, consultant for development projects
Name of the project Palace Bigatto | Buzet | PPP intention
Name of the project City of Buzet
Purpose and aim of the project

The goal of “Bigatto” palace project is to revitalize 4 neglected buildings in the old town center of the City of Buzet and provide additional content and increase the attractiveness of the “Bigatto” palace itself and the native museum housed in it. In addition, the goal is to provide additional accomoditation facilities in the old town center and increase the number of tourists visiting the city of Buzet.

Short description of intervention regarding the present and the planned state of the public infrastructure

The “Bigatto” Palace project consists of 5 buildings, the most significant of which is the Bigatto Palace. The Bigatto Palace is the seat of the Native Museum of the City of Buzet and is located in the old town center at the very edge of the ramparts. As part of the project, the museum will continue to serve a public purpose, and the project will not interfere with its contents. The total area of the building is slightly more than 700 m2. The other 4 buildings that would be part of the diffused hotel are currently in bad, some even dilapidated condition, while one building was recently renovated and requires minor interventions to establish accommodation units. the target condition of the buildings in the project is complete renovation in order to convert the buildings into accommodation units. The Bigatto Palace, in addition to being the seat of the National Museum, would also serve as a hotel reception with a cafe or a small restaurant located on the ground floor of the palace. The diffused hotel would be located in the center of the Old Town and would have 10 accommodation units for the reception of guests

Proposal of the procedure for selection of private partner Public call
Estimated capital value of the project 1.990.842 EUR
Expected duration of contract 30 year