Form of information on the intention to implement a public private partnership project

Public body
Name Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation Lipik
Address Marije Terezije 13, Lipik
Registration number 050031946
OIB (personal identification number) 88202838360
Person authorized to represent the public body Darko Kelemen, Director
Date of publishing 23.03.2016.
Person in charge of preparation and implementation of the project Anita Tudović, PPP project manager on behalf of the Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation Lipik
Name of the project Medical Rehabilitation Hospital | Lipik | PPP Intention
Name of the project Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation Lipik
Purpose and aim of the project

The aim of this PPP project is to refurbish the existing building of the Hotel Fontana for upgrading quality of the medical services and for improvement of health and wellness zones achieving the 4 stars category.

Short description of intervention regarding the present and the planned state of the public infrastructure

The project is comprising the refurbishment of the existing rooms and extension of the hotel capacity for 28 additional rooms, renovation of the hotel restaurant and spa and wellness zones.

Proposal of the procedure for selection of private partner Restricted procedure of public procurement
Estimated capital value of the project 7.339.571 EUR
Expected duration of contract 17 years