Registry of public-private partnership contract

County Palace | Varaždin | PPP Contracts
Registration number 0003/2011
Public partner Varaždin County, Croatia, OIB:15877210917
Private partner Meteor-Privatno Partnerstvo Ltd., Varaždin, Hrvatska, OIB:34987214924
Date of signing 29.06.2006.
Starting date 29.06.2006.
Expected duration of contract 20 years
PPP model Contractual
Contract purpose

The purpose of this contract is to put the land owned by the Varaždin County and reconstruction of the Varaždin County palace for providing public services.

Contract subject

The public partner grants the private partner the exclusive right to build for the use of building land, and the private partner accepts the obligation to finance, design reconstruction, management and maintenance of the county building. The public partner undertakes to rent the reconstructed building and pay the rent for its use.

Application field


Main activities

Design, construction, financing, management, maintenance.


Meteor-Privatno Partnerstvo Ltd., Varaždin, Hrvatska, OIB:34987214924

Public partner obligations Varaždin County Lease of the reconstructed building. Regular lease fee payments for the use of the building.
Performing all actions and signing all necessary documents, in accordance with the relevant regulations, in order to record the rights stipulated in the contract in the land registers. Providing the private partner with all reasonable help, upon request of the private partner, in order to enable the private partner to obtain all necessary approvals and permits. Providing documents, approvals and permits for which he is responsible. Enabling a private partner to dispose of municipal waste unhindered to the appropriate landfill for the duration of the contract for the prescribed fee. Providing a private partner with the service of passage and transit where necessary for the sake of undisturbed access to the land and performance of works under the contract. Settlement of all possible taxes and contributions arising from the fact that the building rights are granted on land, as well as any tax and other charges (including turnover taxes and court and notary costs) during termination of the contract and the surrender of the building into its property and property. Settlement of the obligation to pay the property transfer tax on the building if, after the expiry of the building rights according to the regulations at that time, this obligation would exist. Payment or compensation of any fines and damages resulting from the breach of the contract thereon.
Public partner fee Varaždin County 13,816.67 EUR per month The monthly unitary charge is the only monetary fee that a private partner will receive from a public partner, consisting of the price of the monthly lease contract and the contract of defined corrective elements, i.e. adjustment of lease liabilities due to: - changes in market conditions related to the consumer price index - change in the interest rate (EURIBOR); - penal reductions due to delays in performing the agreed services.
Private partner obligations

Financing, drafting of execution projects, upgrading, construction, and maintenance of schools. Regular payment of the monthly land use fee. Performing all necessary actions and signing all necessary documents, in accordance with the relevant regulations, in order to record in the land registers the rights stipulated by this contract. Obtaining all necessary approvals for upgrading and building schools and obtaining valid use permits for upgraded and built schools. Obtaining funds. Development of execution projects for upgrading schools and obtaining the consent of the project engineer to execution projects in accordance with the Construction Act. Accession to the completion of necessary actions, and accession to the preparation of the upgrading of schools based on issued building permits and execution projects. Covering the costs of drafting execution projects. Upgrading of schools in accordance with issued building permits. Enabling a public partner to gain insight into the realization of construction through an authorised representative. Ensuring from the usual risks during the addition of schools and the use of schools. Covering all defined school maintenance costs throughout the duration of the contract. Delivery to the public partner of the guarantor of the private partner company in accordance with the relevant contract provisions, on the guarantee form given in the tender dossier or in some other form acceptable to the public partner. Covering all costs related to the plans, permits and approvals for which it is responsible. Payment of all fines and penalties and payment of their costs and costs of the public partner incurred due to non-compliance. Assume full responsibility for the maintenance of schools in accordance with the contract, defined standards of premises and services and applicable law. Giving priority, under the same conditions, to hiring persons from the public partner area. Providing a reply, information and documentation to a public partner, which the public partner reasonably requests in writing. Covering all reasonable costs and expenditures for providing explanations on the work and maintenance of schools, where required by the competent national or public partner bodies. Payment of any fines and damages resulting from a breach of a contract per private partner.

Private partner reimbursement fee Meteor-Privatno Partnerstvo Ltd., Varaždin, Hrvatska, OIB:34987214924 0.13 EUR per year Annual fee
Buildings Varaždin County Palace Reconstruction of the Varaždin County baroque palace.
Buildings location Varaždin, Franjevački trg 7
PPP project capital value 1.191.450,39 EUR