July 24, 2020

Minister Ćorić takes over the post of the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development

Ministar Ćorić preuzeo dužnost

After yesterday’s vote of confidence in the Government of the Republic of Croatia, this morning the current Minister of the Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts Darko Horvat handed over the duties to the current Minister of Environment and Energy Tomislav Ćorić, who will take over the merged Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development.

Minister Ćorić used the opportunity to congratulate Minister Horvat on all activities implemented during his mandate and to express his intention to start the necessary transformation of the economy as soon as possible in accordance with the sustainable development goals. “This current crisis has clearly shown us which way we must go to achieve self-sufficiency. We have a historic opportunity ahead of us to position Croatia on the map of economically prosperous, environmentally sustainable and climate-neutral countries,” Minister Ćorić said.