April 1, 2022

Open calls for project proposals for commercialization of innovations and start-ups

The Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development through the National Recovery and Resilience Program 2021-2026 today, April 1, 2022, announced two calls for project proposals:

1) “Commercialization of innovations”
2) “Grants for start-ups”

The aim of the call “Commercialization of innovations” is to encourage investments necessary for the commercialization of innovation and research and development results. Innovative projects with the highest probability of commercial success will be encouraged, which will start business activities and production based on the applied solutions. The results of the project are market-ready innovations. The available amount of funds for this call is HRK 380,000,000.00, while the eligible applicants are micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

The aim of the call “Grants for start-ups” is to stimulate the growth of start-up small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that develop innovations (products and services) based on knowledge or high technologies, which are new or significantly improved compared to market achievements. Projects in the pre-commercial phase for the future development and commercialization of products / services, technologies, increasing project-related production capacities and increasing the readiness of companies for investment will be supported. The available amount of funds for this call is HRK 141,000,000.00, while the eligible applicants are newly established SMEs (up to 5 years of age).

All details of these calls, as well as the accompanying documentation can be found on the following website: https://mingor.gov.hr/javni-pozivi-i-natjecaji-7371/javni-pozivi-ministarstva-7389/otvoreni-javni-pozivi/7390

Note: the call for entrepreneurs “Grants for start-ups” was cancelled on May 31st. More info at: https://mingor.gov.hr/vijesti/ponisten-poziv-za-poduzetnike-bespovratne-potpore-za-novoosnovana-poduzeca/8806