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Personalized Medicine Dragan Primorac President of the Management Board Croatian Competitiveness Cluster of personalized medicine

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welcome to the web pages of the Croatian Competitiveness Cluster for Personalized Medicine. Realising the health development trends, the European Commission has included personalized medicine in key priorities for the next period and has recently made a decision on the establishment of the International Consortium of Personalized Medicine (ICPerMed) in Bruxelles. Right away, we founded the Croatian Cluster of Competitiveness for Personalized Medicine, which represents a significant step in the Republic of Croatia in innovative and strategic thinking about the development of the Croatian health system. Without any doubts, personalized medicine, also known as precision or individualized medicine, represents one of the biggest advances ever made in the medical science.

The American National Cancer Institute (NCI) points out that personalized medicine is “A form of medicine that uses information about a person’s genes, proteins, and environment to prevent, diagnose and treat the disease.” In a simple word, the goal of all scientists involved in personalized Medicine is to provide timely diagnostics as well as optimal therapy customized to the needs of an individual. This kind of approach significantly increases the efficiency of diagnostic and therapeutic efficacy and significantly reduces the number of complications during treatment as well as mortality. Key areas in which Personalized medicine deals with following key areas: identification of genes and certain molecular-related markers associated with certain diseases, pharmacogenomics (estimation of benefit ratios and risk of individual medication, dosage of drugs, prediction of side effects) and risk assessment for the emergence of the most common diseases of modern civilization and consequent treatment . Recently, it becomes clear that cell and gene therapy and regenerative medicine become the inseparable components of personalized medicine. In addition, the concept of personalized medicine is increasingly integrating two fast growing areas: epigenomics and human microbial program.

The Croatian Competitiveness Cluster for Personalized Medicine aims at achieving interdisciplinary collaboration of scientists from all fields of biomedical science, enabling easier sharing, comparison and application of knowledge, data and samples, creating a unique “personalized ecosystem of personalized medicine”.

We deeply belive that our cluster will be the initiator of a series of processes related to the development of biomedical sciences but also the initiator of the application of the latest scientific achievements in clinical practice. We invite all parties interested in collaboration,  join us in the development of an area that will undoubtedly be the foundation of 22st century medicine. Dragan Primorac
Croatian Competitiveness Cluster of personalized medicine Gordan Lauc
Vice president
Croatian Competitiveness Cluster of personalized medicine