November 12, 2018

TAIEX Regio Study visit to Sweden

In the framework of TAIEX Regio Peer-to-peer instrument, the representatives of the Agency paid visit to Sweden. The aim of the visit was to learn from experience with the implementation of broadband network projects at regional and local (municipal) level. The visit was hosted by the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) and during the 4 day program the meetings were held with representatives of the public and private sector from the relevant institutions, and representatives of associations and non-profit organisations. The hosts have presented national objectives that are consistent with the Digital Agenda for Europe and various models for achieving them, among which a model of cooperation between the public and private sectors (PPP and Cooperation contracts) on the regional and municipal level was the most common. The most successful projects were presented during the meetings: Region of Halland, the municipalities of Stockholm, Uppsala, and Gävle. Also, the delegation was informed about rural projects where there is no commercial interest. Key factors for successful braodband investments are: Defining broadband as a fundamental communal network and market driven orientation. Since the 95 % of the optical networks are owned by municipalities, there is a strong consumer demand. In this way, there is a healthy market competition and a network availability in the outermost settlements are accomplished.