July 1, 2009

The meeting held in the Secretariat of the Regional Cooperation Council

Mr. Kamilo Vrana, the Acting Director and Ms. Jadranka Orešković, Director for international cooperation met with Ms. Jelica Minić, Deputy Secretary General and Ms. Emira Tufo, Head of Economic and Social Development Unit. The collocutors discussed the preparation activities concerning the forthcoming Ministerial conference “Public Private Partnerships in Strategic Infrastructure Networks: Developing the PPP Enabling Environment in Southeast Europe” scheduled for 25th September 2009 in Sarajevo. The organizer of the conference is RCC and Mr. Vrana is a member of the Programming Committee on behalf of the Agency as the co-organizer.

It is expected attendance of the high officials from the SEECP countries and the adoption of the declaration on the strong political framework for further methodical and coordinated development of the PPP. The overall objective is to create an incentive environment for investment, primarily in the projects in the filed of the infrastructure in the participating countries as well as on the regional level. The participants agreed that the successful implementation of the PPP model can give an important contribution to the recovery of the economy in the crisis time. It can also contribute to the strengthening of the cooperation process and to the creation of environment attractive for the further investment.