June 12, 2009

The representatives of the Agency participated in the seminar on public private partnership in Belgrade

On 12th June in Belgrade was held seminar “Public Private Partnership applied to local self-government development”.

The seminar was organized by Standing Conference on Cities and Towns (SKGO), Energy Consulting and Engineering Co., Belgrade, Singidunum University, Applied ecology faculty “Futura” – Center for research and development and CERIB – Center for development and care of citizens under auspices of the New Belgrade Municipality. The co organizer was the Embassy of United States of America in Belgrade.

More than 100 representatives of the cities, municipalities and public sector participated in its session.

Mr. Kamilo Vrana, Acting Director of the Agency for the Public Private Partnership has presented the Croatian experience in the field of legislation and its harmonization with the acquis communaitaire and EU standards as well as Croatian experience in the implementation of the PPP in practice.

On behalf of the organizers, Mr. Milan Radunovic, Prof.PhD. ECE, Executive Director expressed their gratitude to the representatives of the APPP for their participation and emphasised the meaning of the future cooperation and the role of the Croatian experience in the further development oft he PPP in the Republic of Serbia and economic prosperity in the region.

It was agreed on the margin of the seminar to further strengthen bilateral cooperation and in the framework of the Regional Cooperation Council in Sarajevo.