September 5, 2012

WBIF approved project „PPP Institutional Strengthening in the Western Balkans “

The Steering Committee of the Western Balkan Investment Framework has approved the project “PPP Institutional Strengthening in the Western Balkans “on the proposal of the Croatian Agency for Public Private Partnership. The project will be implemented by the experts from the European PPP Expertise Centre primarily in Croatia and in Monte Negro, and later in lesser extent in other Western Balkans ‘countries.

The Budget of the Project is 1 mil €.

Achieving the results of the project, the administrative capacity of the public service will be increased and the knowledge on PPP model will be broadening in all beneficiary countries.

Following further development of PPP in Croatia and on the basis of its experience, EPEC will provide technical assistance to Monte Negro and other WB countries in establishment or improvement of their structure for efficient PPP promotion and implementation.