Working group for business climate and private investments

Working group on the Business Climate and Private Investment is established on 3rd January 2013 for the purpose of improving the business climate and monitoring and encouraging private investment. It is worth noting that a high level is participating in the work of the Working Group, which brings together officials (deputy and assistant ministers) from the relevant authorities and representatives of the private sector – employers and the Chamber of Commerce, while a group is chaired by the Minister of Economy, with administrative and expert assistance of the Agency for Investments and Competitiveness.

With systematic monitoring and implementation of investment projects, the working group conducts the comprehensive measures for simplification of regulation to encourage sustainable and competitive development of the Republic of Croatia. 

The surface in reforming the problematic areas, which include World Bank research methodology, represents a document entitled “Programme of measures for Business Facilitation” which defines reforms that will facilitate the business through the administrative barriers elimination and affect the position of the Croatia in the competitiveness rankings.

From beginning of this year the Working Group adopted 120 reform activities and is currently being handled 21 projects worth 1.249,13 million €, which will create 3,090 jobs. In the process of solving is six investment projects worth 301,1 million €, while the barriers are removed for nine projects worth 457,93 million €, which will enable the realisation of 1,674 new jobs. (Source: AIK, Investment project data for period 14/01/13 – 31/08/13)