17. Virovitica-Podravina County

Population: 70.368
GDP per capita: 7.513,00 EUR
Unemployment rate: 15,70%
Average Gross Salary: 1.108,00 EUR
Average Net Salary: 848,00 EUR

Distances from traffic infrastructure

Road: 0,00 km
Highway: A3, 80 km
Railway siding: 8,00, Suhopolje km
Sea port: Rijeka , 314 km
Airport: Zagreb International Airport – Franjo Tuđman, 111 km

Companies in the zone

Activity: special construction works, installation of photovoltaic systems
Country of origin: Republic of Croatia
Parent company:
Company website: https://degal.com.hr/

Business Zone Bjeljevina Download as PDF

General information

Location (city/municipality) Suhopolje
Zone type Business zone
Size of the zone (m²) 119.229
Available land size (m²) 119.229
Construction purpose Manufacturing and services
Allowed construction density
Construction efficiency coefficient allowed
Allowed construction height (m)
Allowed noise level (at the border of the site, dB)
Diagram of the zone
Scanned copy of cadastral plan extract with highlighted available lots

Site specifications

Offered land lot size (m²) Dimensions of plot (width*height, m) Site description Title deed Public or private ownership Constraints on changing ownership title Land transfer Land sale/rent price (EUR*/m² / EUR*/m²/yearly)
43457 * Flat Public Sale -
75772 * Flat Private Sale -

Infrastructure/energents capacity

Availability Yes
Availability Yes
Availability Yes
Availability Yes
Water purifier Yes

Communal information

Communal contribution fee
Communal contribution for manufacturing (EUR*/m³) 0,796337
Communal contribution for office spaces (EUR*/m³)
Communal contribution for services (EUR*/m³) 0,796337
Redemption from paying communal contribution fee Yes, Possible (full or partial)
Communal contribution tax
Amount of communal contribution tax (EUR*/m²) 0.998606 (production purpose) 1.497909 (business purpose)
Redemption from paying communal contribution tax No
Water contribution
Water contribution for business buildings (EUR*/m³) 0,334461
Water contribution for manufacturing buildings (EUR*/m³) 0,039817
Water contribution for open-space business buildings (EUR*/m²) 0,065034
Water fee
Water regulation fee (EUR*/m²) 0.139359 (business, shops and services) 0.039817 (business space - manufacturing activity) 0.026545 (other service activities)

Physical plans

County urban plan Yes
Municipal/City urban plan Yes
Urban development plan No obligation
Detailed urban plan No obligation

* average rate = 7.54

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